Expiring Product Fulfillment

Expiring Product Fulfillment

Expiring Product Fulfillment

For highly regulated items, lot control and expiration tracking are a must! Organizing inventory according to expiration date is extremely important for healthcare and pharma companies. At GEMCO Medical, we make it easy to aggregate goods based on their lot and expiration date. Our serial tracking system and pallet flow racking organizes and tracks products by their expiration date, ensuring your customers receive your products on time and in good order.

We can customize a solution to meet your specific product requirements:

Expiring Product Fulfillment

Expiring Product FulfillmentInventory Rotation

Set how you rotate your inventory:
First in First Out (FIFO) or
First Expiring First Out (FEFO).

Serial CaptureSerial Number Capture

We can track and monitor all of your serial numbers on your product  – track inbound, outbound, and returns.

ReportingLot Number Tracking

Like expiration dates, we can track lot numbers and help you keep compliant with governing bodies.

We keep careful inventory of how many units of each SKU remain in our distribution center. If some products ultimately expire, we offer many options to either return the product to you or destroy the product according to your specific standard operating procedures protocol. Ultimately, our mission and priority is to protect the environment, the end-user and your reputation.

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