Pick, Pack and Fulfillment

Pick Pack Fulfillment Services

Leave the pick, pack and fulfillment to us!

GEMCO Medical and its experienced staff take great pride in providing excellent order fulfillment services for a wide variety of customers. For over 25 years, we have received, picked, packed and shipped hundreds of thousands of orders to distributors, and direct to patients. We work with our clients to integrate their front-end and other systems with our warehouse management system (WMS) for maximum performance and efficiency.

A full menu of order fulfillment services:

Because the products, types of customers and order fulfillment needs can vary so much from client to client, we handle each of our client’s needs individually and in a customized manner. We do NOT take the “cookie cutter” approach. We work with you to define the desired service levels, establish KPI’s,  and then strive to exceed those each and every day.

  • Receiving from domestic and international locations

  • All inventory is entered, received and tracked throughout its stay and eventual shipment through our sophisticated warehouse management system WMS).

  • Complete RF (radio frequency) scanning at all stages to assure accuracy and real time data availability.

  • Picking by RF and status is shown in on-line reports available to our customers.

  • Shipping through multiple carriers, all done by RF with status available to our customer.

  • Tracking codes are transmitted to our customers.

  • Real-time, on-line reports are available showing status of inventory and orders.

  • GEMCO Medical works with large healthcare manufacturers and is experienced in reading and conforming to complicated, routing guides and operating procedures.

  • We offer multiple shipping options with nationally contracted carriers.

Other services:

  • Quality Assurance – large scale inspections and testing

  • Kitting & Assembly

  • Returns Processing and Return Kits

  • Product Refurbishing

  • Full physical inventories


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