Private Label Programs

Private Label Programs

GEMCO Medical offers private label on our high-quality, affordable respiratory and CPAP supplies. We want to help our customers grow their patient base, increase their profitability, and raise their overall brand recognition. Create a professional image and improve patient loyalty with our private labeling options.

We will work with you to customize a layout, which can include your logo, phone number, website, address, and reorder information. Private labeling medical supplies provides an effective method for promoting overall brand awareness for your business, while giving your patients easy access to your contact information.

Custom Packaging

GEMCO Medical offers a variety of specialized package options too! We realize that each of our customers work differently to fulfill their patients’ needs. With this in mind, we can create customized “Kit” for your unique business. Whether the preference is an individual pack count or bulk shipments, we will find a solution that fits the needs of your company.

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