GEMCORE360 Advanced Wound Care

Introducing GEMCORE360°

Our own trusted brand of dressings for your everyday wound care needs.

GEMCORE360° Advanced Wound Care

Offering healthcare professionals a simple, clear and cost-effective wound care range while ensuring excellent clinical outcomes for their patients. Browse our selection of antimicrobials, alginates, foams, transparent thin film dressings, and hydrogels – all designed to support healing in all phases of acute and chronic wound environments.

GEMCORE360° Dressing Range

GEMCORE360 includes the following advanced wound care dressings.
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High Performance Dressings

Comprised of polysaccharide gelling fibers containing CMC*, this dressing is a highly absorbent and non-woven dressing which turns into a soft, cohesive sheet of gel when in contact with wound exudate. It promotes autolytic debridement and provides improved exudate management and wound healing to challenging cases.



Reinforced Alginate Dressing

A uniquely designed reinforced dressing developed to provide all the benefits of an alginate dressing while offering high wet strength and soft clear-gelling properties, which ensures a moist wound environment is maintained and provides the confidence the dressing can be removed intact.

Silicone Foam Dressing

Constructed from a low friction waterproof polyurethane film, with a highly absorbing polyurethane central pad and a silicone adhesive wound contact layer provides for an ideal moist healing environment for fragile skin.

Silicone Lite Foam Dressing

A thin, soft and discreet hydrophilic foam dressing with a flexible breathable backing film provides for an ideal moist healing environment for non to low exuding wounds.

Transparent Thin Films

A transparent dressing constructed from a thin, breathable waterproof polyurethane film with acrylic adhesive. Permeable to oxygen and water vapor but not water, they provide a moist, warm, clean environment and allow for visual inspection. Films may also be useful to reduce friction and provide protection.