Shipping Guidelines

Shipment Discrepancy Guidelines:

Discrepancies can occur during a normal shipping journey. For prompt resolution of shipping discrepancies related to Truckload (TL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments, please refer to the following steps depending on the discrepancies.

  • Suppliers are expected to ship each purchase order complete.
  • Failure to ship a purchase order complete may result in a financial penalty.
  • GEMCO Medical will notify the supplier of any overages received on a shipment.
  • GEMCO Medical will have the option to accept or reject the overage.
  • If rejected the overage will be shipped back to supplier. All expenses will be incurred by the supplier.
  • If accepted, supplier is required to generate an additional and/or updated Purchase Order to match the amount of overage.
  • GEMCO Medical will notify supplier of any shortages on a given purchase order
  • Visible shortages identified at time of delivery will be noted and the supplier will be notified.
  • Concealed shortages discovered will be documented by GEMCO Medical during the check-in process. Supplier will be notified and all shortages will be deducted from the purchase order.
  • GEMCO Medical reserves the right to refuse delivery of items that it does not carry.
  • The merchandise will be returned to the supplier at the supplier’s expense and take full credit against any invoices tied to the mis-shipment. If the supplier does not want the mis-shipped merchandise returned, GEMCO Medical will dispose of the product and pass along all disposal expenses to the supplier.
  • GEMCO Medical will not be responsible for any cost, liability or damage to merchandise in its possession that it has determined as mis-shipped regardless of the method used by GEMCO Medical to store or handle the merchandise.
  • GEMCO Medical reserves the right to refuse delivery of damaged or defective merchandise discovered by GEMCO Medical at the time of delivery.
  • Concealed damaged or defective product discovered during the check-in process will be photographed and documented on the delivery receipt. Damaged or defective product(s) will be removed from the purchase order.
  • Supplier will be notified of damages, provided appropriate documentation and will decide at that time to replace damaged product if necessary.
  • GEMCO Medical will either ship damaged product back to vendor or provide destruction of product.
  • All expenses will be passed back to supplier.